Wild Kingdom

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After years of being taunted and tortured by them, our dog Mia caught and killed a squirrel this week. To say we were surprised is an understatement. In the 5+ years Mia’s been with us, she’s never been the slightest bit aggressive or all that quick on her feet. The squirrels have certainly tormented her and she’s chased them around the yard, but we never thought she’d actually catch one. Did she prove us wrong! In an effort to get her away from her new prize quickly, my husband brought Mia inside and left the dead squirrel in the yard. With all the cold and snow we’ve had this week, he figured letting it freeze for a little while would be OK. Much to his surprise, when he looked outside a few hours later, a red-tailed hawk had landed in the yard and decided to make Mia’s kill its dinner. I was at work missing the entire episode, but thankfully my husband grabbed the camera. The least gruesome shot of the bunch is below. It was clearly a day of animal instinct on display – both Mia’s and the hawk’s.


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