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The weather this winter has been anything but normal, even by West Michigan standards. The ground should have turned white months ago and stayed white for so long that by the end of February I’ve forgotten what grass looks like. And yet as recently as Thursday, the front yard was green with no snow in sight. There has been one distinct weather pattern for us this year – the snow falls, the snow melts, the yard turns from white to green. I’ve lost count of how often that’s happened this winter.  It has felt like spring many times already, even in early January.

Thursday night the ground once again went from green to white as four inches of new snow fell. Friday morning I looked out the window to see this little chipmunk (who should be hibernating right now) popping out of his burrow and looking as dumbfounded as a chipmunk can look. Guess the poor little guy wasn’t expecting a winter wonderland!

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