Doing a Little Valentine’s Decorating

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Decorating for holidays is fun, but I always struggle to not cross over into cheesy, over-the-top decorations. Starting the minute Thanksgiving’s over, my house goes from Christmas decor (December) to winter decor (January) to Valentine’s decor (February).

Valentine’s seems to be the easiest holiday for straying into obnoxious decorations, so this year’s challenge became how to decorate for the holiday without turning the house to an explosion of pink and red.

Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration but my Holidays board is full of crafts and holiday decorations that, in the end, always seem to turn into great ideas never followed through on. So now I’m changing that! Inspired by two heart garlands I pinned – one from Shelterless and one from Work In Progress Kits – I set out to make my own. I used heavy pink vellum paper that’s been laying around the house since our wedding and cut it into one inch strips to help it be a bit more durable. In the end, I used 6 sheets of vellum, made 3 strands of garland (2 for window swags & one for laying across the entertainment center), and it took less than an hour – start to finish. It was so easy and turned out pretty cute!

I also took a cue from this great Christmas decorating idea but swapped the jingle bells for conversation hearts for a little holiday flair for our dining room table. The result is just enough hearts and Valentine’s decor for our tastes.

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