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In April, the Grand Rapids, Michigan area experienced unprecedented flooding. My husband was walking around our property one day during the peak of the flooding when he came across these baby bunnies. Located in the highest spot of our yard, the bunnies were tucked snuggly into a freshly-dug hole. Seems that while our basement had remained dry, their burrow had not.

After doing some research, it turns out that while rabbits build their burrows to handle rain, if the overall water table rises too much, it can flood a rabbit’s burrow. When that happens, the rabbits leave and find higher ground until the water table goes back down. These little ones, however, weren’t able to do that, so it seems that mother rabbit dug a quick, temporary burrow and moved her bunnies there.

We could see these guys from our living room window and kept an eye on them all day. At dusk, my husband noticed a much larger rabbit over by the bunnies – mother rabbit seemed to have returned to her little ones. By the next morning, all of the animals were gone and there hasn’t been any sign of them since – except for the three huge rabbits that are currently dining in our front yard. I’m guessing three smaller ones will be joining them soon.

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