Vacation Adventures: Upper Antelope Canyon

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This one wasn’t on our list. We had no idea this slot canyon existed and still wouldn’t except for a wonderfully helpful woman named Joy who was working an information desk at the Grand Canyon. After an evening (sunset!) and morning (sunrise!) spent walking through the trials on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon, we were getting a little stuck on what to do next. Since it was early March, several of the trails were closed due to snow. We didn’t have time for any of the multi-hour (and pricey) tours down into the bottom of the Grand Canyon – we had a 5 hour drive to our next hotel at Bryce Canyon ahead of us that day – so we stopped by the main lodge and asked Joy for her advice on what we should do next.

After verifying that we’d covered all open portions of the paved rim trail, and hearing our time table of the day, Joy explained that we’d already done everything we could on foot. She gave us a map of the driving route along the canyon and highlighted the best lookout points for us to not miss. Then she handed us a brochure for a guided tour of Upper Antelope Canyon. “This is on your way to Bryce Canyon. Promise you’ll do it.” We promised and called to reserve spots on their afternoon tour.

Located in Page, Arizona, you can’t drive to Upper Antelope Canyon. You have to join a tour and hop aboard one of these massive dune buggies:


These vehicles take you on a short but very jolting ride through sand dunes to the entrance of the canyon:

Entrance to Upper Antelope Canyon

Entrance to Upper Antelope Canyon

The outside doesn’t look like much, but the inside Upper Antelope Canyon is beautiful. There are lots of other tours going through at the same time, so it’s crowded, but you spend most of your time looking up, so it’s pretty easy to ignore the scores of other tourists.

Inside Upper Antelope Canyon:

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