Vacation Adventures: Bryce Canyon

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One of the goals for our March vacation was to escape the snow and lingering Michigan winter. However, we didn’t take the altitude into account. Turns out when you head 8,000 and 9,000 feet up, you find snow, even in the southwest.

Tourist season in Bryce Canyon starts in May, so when you show up in March, it’s a bit of a different experience. On the way to Bryce Canyon, we passed small town after small town of businesses covered in snow with parking lots that clearly hadn’t been plowed all season. Upon arriving at our hotel at Bryce Canyon, we discovered that there was only one restaurant and one gas station open, but when you’re only there for one night, that’s enough.

We had hoped to do a little hiking at Bryce, but a lot of the trials were unplowed and closed for the season. Those that were open were snow-covered, something we weren’t prepared for, so we drove through the park instead, taking in the hoodoos from above. The snow made for a beautiful contrast with the red-brown rock and evergreens.

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