Why I’m Going to #Cook90

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I like to cook. And I’m pretty good at it. But for the past year (and then some) everything else has been getting in the way. New baby, new job, too tired – the excuses are easy to find. However, that new baby is now a toddler who’s eating table food and wants dinner the minute we walk in the door.

Once in awhile I manage to get dinner on the table quickly during the week – at which point I feel like Super Woman – but most nights that doesn’t happen. And so we end up grabbing pizza or quickly combining pasta with marinara sauce, which is resulting in a waistline I don’t like and leftovers I don’t want to eat.

Enter #cook90. Getting back to truly enjoying cooking is a goal for 2017. From the editors at Epicurious, #cook90 challenges you to make 3 home-cooked meals a day, every day, for the month of January. For me this means getting serious about meal planning, weekend meal prep, and not defaulting to Lean Cuisines for lunch.

Getting dinner on the table in 15 minutes or less during the week will only happen if I plan and prep each weekend, so I’ve spent several hours during the holiday weekend doing exactly that. My freezer now contains: tomato and meat sauce, mac and cheese with veggies, black beans with tomato rice, meatballs, mashed potatoes, apple sauce, and chocolate chip cookies. I also made a block of garlic butter to help make garlic bread that much faster to put together. Everything is portioned to be part of a meal – not the entire meal – so I can mix/match with various meats, veggies, breads and other groceries depending on my mood.

Want to join #cook90? Sign up! Want to see what’s cooking? Follow #cook90 on Instagram. If you want to see how I’m doing with my cooking goals? Join me on Instagram or follow this blog.

Happy cooking! 🙂

UPDATES: How’d I Do?


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