(Terrifying) Spring Butterflies

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The “Butterflies are Blooming” exhibit at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park means one thing – SPRING. It begins the first day of March. I start looking forward to it in January.

As we have every year since she was born, kiddo and I headed to the Gardens together to walk amongst the butterflies and enjoy the warm humidity of the Tropical Conservatory. But unlike in other years, this time the fluttering butterflies held no magic or beauty for kiddo. “What if they land on me?!?” Pointing out the dozens of other kids (and grown ups) walking around, arms extended, trying to coax a butterfly into landing on them did nothing to stem her fears.

After impatiently making her way to the conservatory to see butterflies, one look at them soaring around left her petrified. Who knows what changed, but we’ll try again next year. As for this spring, I’ll be going back to see the butterflies alone before they depart in May.

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