Strawberry Vodka – DIY Liquor Infusions

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Vodka takes on a natural sweetness and beautiful color when infused with fresh strawberries. Use the strawberry vodka in the bright and refreshing cocktail below.

Make the Vodka:

Clean, hull, and slice 1 cup of fresh, ripe strawberries.

Put berries in a clean, 1 pint mason jar.

Fill the jar to the top with plain vodka.

Tightly cover the jar and put it in a cool, dark place – like a pantry or cupboard.

Let the jar sit for 14 days, gently swirling the jar every day or two.

After 14 days, strain the strawberries out of the vodka.

Discard the berry remnants.

Enjoy the vodka!

Strawberry Vodka - DIY Liquor Infusions

Make a Cocktail:

Place 2 oz strawberry vodka, 1 oz fresh orange juice, ½ oz fresh lemon juice, ½ oz simple syrup, and 4-5 mint leaves in a cocktail shaker full of ice.

Shake the mixture as hard as you can for 10-15 seconds to break up the mint.

Strain into a glass and top with a splash of lemon-lime soda.


Make it a Gift:

Recipe card for Strawberry Vodka Cocktail

Infused strawberry vodka is a great DIY gift for a cocktail lover in your life.

A free, printable recipe card is available to go along with your jar of infused vodka.

Cut it out, attach it to the vodka, and make someone’s day!

Strawberry Cocktail made from infused strawberry vodka

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