DIY Liquor Infusions

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Try out these 3 DIY liquor infusions, all made with easy-to-find ingredients and liquors. Each infusion also includes a custom cocktail recipe so you can get sipping and enjoying your new liquor creation.

Making your own flavored alcohol is fun, but can also be daunting. 

Liquor is expensive and you don’t want to risk a combination not tasting good. 

And once you’ve made it, what kind of cocktail do you use it in? 

Sometimes I don’t know what to do with an infusion – even the store bought ones. 

Below are 3 DIY liquor infusions made with easy-to-find ingredients and liquors. I’ve also included a cocktail recipe along with each infusion to help get you started sipping your new creation. 

Besides the recipe’s ingredients, all you need for infusing liquor is a clean, glass, pint jar with a lid, and a strainer

Note: Lemon is a popular choice for liquor infusions, but not one you’ll find here. I’m not a fan because (1) lemon can easily overpower any other flavor you infuse with it, and (2) lemon infusions taste a lot like cleaning products to me. But if you love lemon, give it a try!

DIY Liquor Infusions - Day 1
Infusions – Day 1…
DIY Liquor Infusions - Day 14
Infusions – Day 14!

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