DIY Gifts for the Holidays

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DIY gifts are some of the most fun gifts to receive. When someone uses their talents to make a gift just for you, it’s extra special.

It also makes for a unique present and will lead to you finding new recipes and treats that you’d never otherwise try. Below are options for a variety of DIY holiday gifts for the snack lovers, cocktail makers, chocoholics, and sugar addicts on your list.

Sweet Body Scrubs

These two sugar scrubs are made from ingredients you already have in your pantry. This three ingredient grapefruit scrub is easy to customize to your gift recipient’s favorite citrus scent. Or whip up this fragrant sugar and spice scrub – it’s packed full of warm holiday spices.

DIY Cocktails and Mocktails

Liquor infusions are fun to prep and make great gifts. Click through for vodka, rum, and gin recipes, each with a printable cocktail recipe card. Attach it to a jar of infused liquor and your recipient will be mixing up a fun new cocktail in no time.

Cocktail syrups are perfect for the cocktail and the mocktail lover in your life. Create a delicious mocktail by adding fresh citrus juice, mint, and soda water to berry syrup. Or muddle fresh blackberries and sage with honey syrup, before topping with ice and ginger ale.

Jars Full of Gifts

A mason jar can hold so many tasty DIY gifts. Two of my favorite are these garlic and rosemary slow cooker spiced nuts and my family’s blender salsa. Add a bag of your favorite tortilla chips to a jar of salsa for an easy present.

Baked DIY Gifts

Homemade baked goods are a classic holiday gift. Both of these recipes can be made ahead and frozen for super quick and easy gift giving. Mail them in care packages while they’re still frozen to help ensure they arrive fresh and ready to eat!

Homemade Chocolates

Making chocolate treats is easier than you think. It starts with high quality chocolate – I use Ghirardelli in both of these recipes. Each of these treats uses just 4 ingredients, take a very short amount of time to make, and are delicious gifts.

What are your favorite DIY gifts to make or receive? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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DIY Gifts

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