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Lake Huron Ice

The icy shores of Lake Huron. It was a super windy and frigid day when I took these – not that you can tell by the way this little long-tailed duck is swimming around.

Oscoda, Michigan

Undisturbed Snow

Undisturbed snow in the northern Michigan woods.

Oscoda, Michigan

Jewels of Ice

West Michigan’s end-of-December ice storm created these gorgeous ice buds all over our woods.

Duck Watching in the Winter

Winter is such a great time to do some duck watching on the Great Lakes. The inland lakes freeze over, forcing waterfowl to head to the big lakes for open water. We also get some seasonal visitors in the form of migrating arctic ducks. This menagerie was in Lake Huron’s Tawas Bay at East Tawas, Michigan. Mallard, canvasback, red-breasted merganser, redhead, long-tailed and ring-necked ducks were all swimming in the frigid waters together.

Winter Wonderland

Ice storm + snow storm = winter wonderland

Living Inside a Snow Globe

Living inside a snow globe.

A Little Christmas Cheer

Time for a little Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas to all!

Hoar Frost

Hoar frost on the campus of Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

December Flowers

Three months ago this was a yellow flower.

Tawas Bay Ice

More ice on the shores of Lake Huron.

Tawas Bay, Michigan.

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