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A Little Upgrade to the Herb Garden

Last summer, after a little Pinterest inspiration, my herb garden underwent a makeover. I was excited to discover this spring that all but two herbs and the tomato plant survived the Michigan winter. After planting replacement rosemary, cilantro and tomato plants, I decided the plants needed prettier labels and found these stainless steel labels on Amazon. They make a nice addition, don’t you think?

Best of 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, I decided to look back through all of the images I took this year and pick out my favorites. I had no final number or criteria in mind, so it’s fun to see what and how many made the final cut. In the end, they are a great representation of the past year. Some are from the backyard and some from a vacation in Florida. Others are from the family trip to Minnesota and a variety of parks throughout lower Michigan. Here’s to a great year! I’m excited to see what 2015 brings.

Backyard Friends

We had so much snow last week, all of which melted in weekend’s warm temps. There’s nothing like feet of snow falling in a few days to make the birds raid the feeder.

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A Summer Garden

The garden is filling up with pops of color.

Birding in our Backyard

Both of these birds are new to our backyard. I’ve seen indigo buntings before, but not in years and never repeatedly. This little blue friend is becoming a regular at our feeder. This eastern towhee was a new one to cross off my life list. He showed up for the first time this spring.

An Oriole Obsession

I may or may not have a slight obsession with the orioles…

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Welcome Back Friends

The surest sign of spring there is. So happy to see the orioles back!

Red and White

Cardinals in the snow. So pretty.

Our Year-Round Friends

Only the hardy birds are left. The rest have headed south to their winter homes.

As they tend to do, Mia’s nemeses are multiplying…

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