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Summertime Backyard Visitors

One of the best pieces of photography advice I’ve been given is “there’s always something to take a picture of.” In other words, don’t sit around waiting for a photo-worthy moment, grab your camera and create those moments. With that in mind, I took a tour around the yard recently to see what I could find. It didn’t take me long to spy these friends – just waiting for their close-ups.

Backyard Friends

We had so much snow last week, all of which melted in weekend’s warm temps. There’s nothing like feet of snow falling in a few days to make the birds raid the feeder.

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Great Egrets

Love photographing great egrets. Soon they’ll be gone for another winter…

Beautiful Bald Eagles

One last bald eagle post. It was so great to spend multiple days photographing these gorgeous birds.

Black Duck Lake, Minnesota.

Fishing from the Dock

This great blue heron loved fishing near the dock. Particularly, he liked hiding like a statue under the dock and bursting into flight the minute someone walked onto the dock, scaring the poor person half to death.

Black Duck Lake, Minnesota

Eagle Assault

One minute the mature bald eagle was sitting on a branch; the next minute a juvenile bald eagle swooped in to kick him off and steal the birch tree perch. Nice try, but that didn’t last long. The mature bald eagle soared back around to scare away the younger one and regain his section of the trees.

Black Duck Lake, Minnesota.

Loons on the Lake

While on vacation, we took daily kayak trips around the lake, photographing birds. Watching the loons dive under water and pop up closer to the kayak is so much fun. They could go anywhere in the lake, so it’s always exciting when they choose to surface near us.

Black Duck Lake, Minnesota.

Making a Splash

What happens when you startle a female mallard napping on the end of a dock? She hops off into the water to paddle safely in the reeds.

Black Duck Lake, Minnesota.

Goldeneyes in the Summer

It took me a bit of studying to identify these ducks. Turns out they’re  common goldeneyes. I had never come across goldeneyes in the summer when many are young and it’s not breeding time. They look totally different than they do in their winter plumage. Goldeneyes spend the winter in Michigan, but head north for the summer. I was excited to find them visiting a northern Minnesota lake.

Black Duck Lake, Minnesota.

Red-necked Grebes on Vacation

Red-necked grebes: the adults and their young.

Black Duck Lake, Minnesota.

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