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Best of 2015

‘Tis the season for “best of” lists, posts and look backs, so here’s one more! Below are my favorites from my 2015 archives. It’s been a year of big changes in our family, and the amount of posts that did (and didn’t!) make it up on the blog tells me how much things have shifted. The images below were chosen for their quality, but as tends to happen, they also represent several highlights of 2015: A spring trip out West, birding at Tawas Point, fall apple picking and our many trips to Meijer Gardens.

Birding on the Sandy Hook Trail

Sunday was a perfect morning for walking the Sandy Hook Trail at Tawas Pointe State Park in East Tawas, Michigan. Known for the large variety of migratory birds who make this park part of their annual spring trek, I had the opportunity to see lots of birds and other wildlife while crossing several types of warblers off of my life list.

Beautiful Bald Eagles

One last bald eagle post. It was so great to spend multiple days photographing these gorgeous birds.

Black Duck Lake, Minnesota.

Eagle Assault

One minute the mature bald eagle was sitting on a branch; the next minute a juvenile bald eagle swooped in to kick him off and steal the birch tree perch. Nice try, but that didn’t last long. The mature bald eagle soared back around to scare away the younger one and regain his section of the trees.

Black Duck Lake, Minnesota.

Beautiful Trumpeter Swans

Beautiful trumpeter swans.

Birding at Tuttle Marsh

There’s always something to see at Tuttle Marsh! During this summer visit (top to bottom): Eastern kingbird, king fisher, female wood duck, trumpeter swans with a cygnet.

Summer Birding

There are so many birds around this time of year! I caught this red-wing blackbird dining on dragonflies and then saw this grackle was standing still as a statue nearby.

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Birding in our Backyard

Both of these birds are new to our backyard. I’ve seen indigo buntings before, but not in years and never repeatedly. This little blue friend is becoming a regular at our feeder. This eastern towhee was a new one to cross off my life list. He showed up for the first time this spring.

Nesting Cardinals

While out walking around, I accidentally spooked this female northern cardinal off of her nest. After taking a quick peek in the nest, I moved on. Once she returned, her camouflage coloring hid her well. I could only find her because of that bright beak.

An Oriole Obsession

I may or may not have a slight obsession with the orioles…

Grand Rapids, Michigan

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