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Making a Splash

What happens when you startle a female mallard napping on the end of a dock? She hops off into the water to paddle safely in the reeds.

Black Duck Lake, Minnesota.

Goldeneyes in the Summer

It took me a bit of studying to identify these ducks. Turns out they’re  common goldeneyes. I had never come across goldeneyes in the summer when many are young and it’s not breeding time. They look totally different than they do in their winter plumage. Goldeneyes spend the winter in Michigan, but head north for the summer. I was excited to find them visiting a northern Minnesota lake.

Black Duck Lake, Minnesota.

Fuzzy Duckling Season

‘Tis the season for fuzzy ducklings!

These mallard ducks were hanging out on the Rogue River in Rockford, Michigan.

Goldeneye on the Rogue

We’re a winter habitat area for common goldeneye, so they’ll be heading north soon. These ducks are so skittish, but I love sneaking up on them and watching them run across the water to take flight.

Rogue River at Rockford, Michigan.


Golden Eye Ducks on the Rogue River.

Rockford, Michigan.

An American Wigeon in Michigan

The first duck in this series is an American Wigeon. A new duck to cross off the life list! He was in amongst a huge flock of mallard ducks and a few black ducks. Glad I spent a few minutes scouring the pond and didn’t just dismiss it as being nothing but mallards.

Chilly Diving Merganser

Watching this female common merganser dive for food, preen and splash around in the Grand River, you would have never known that it was early February with single digit temperatures.

Riverside Park, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Stalking a Goldeneye

It took half an hour of stalking a sliver of open water on the Grand River at Riverside Park, but eventually I got an up close look at this common goldeneye.

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Arctic Visitors

Welcome back long-tailed ducks! These little guys spend their summers in the arctic north and winter in the Great Lakes. It’s amazing to watch them float and dive in the frigid water, among the sheets of ice, looking for food.

Did you know that ducks make little smacking noises while eating? I didn’t until I watched lots of mallard ducks, young and old, munching on the duck weed growing on the ponds at Meijer Gardens. They were oblivious to me and much more interested in gobbling up as much lunch as they could. 

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