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Quick Spring Blooms

Michigan weather is notorious for one constant – change. The recent warming trend has caused our spring flowers to suddenly arrive, so I quick grabbed a few shots before next weekend’s snow takes them away.

February Flowers

The silver lining to a mild Michigan winter is the appearance of snowdrops. A few days above freezing and these beauties will interrupt the dull winter woods with a hint of spring.

Finding Fall

On the to-do list every fall: A trip to Meijer Gardens on a sunny day.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty pink cosmos

Waterlily Variety

Always lots of beautiful waterlilies to be found this time of year.

Waterlily Reflections

Waterlilies on the campus of Aquinas College

The Beginning of Spring

The first flowers of spring have begun to pop up! It’s still too early to be 100% sure the snow won’t return, but these sure help lift the gloom of winter.

Tropical Flowers in Winter

Every January, Frederik Meijer Gardens hosts an Orchid Show. It’s a wonderful burst of tropical flowers in the middle of a cold, Michigan winter.

Frosty Flowers

Moving from fall to winter. Summer is long gone, but its flowers live on; given new beauty with a coat of frost.

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Edge of the Lake

Dragonflies, wild flowers and frogs at Black Duck Lake, Minnesota.

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