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A November Snow

There’s something so magical about the first snow of fall. Love living where all four seasons are so dramatically and distinctly different.

First Frost of Fall

Ahhh, the first hard frost of the season. Or is it a freeze when you wake up to 23 degrees? 🙂 The leaves and grass are laced in white, but I especially liked the frost’s effect on my herbs.

Quick Spring Blooms

Michigan weather is notorious for one constant – change. The recent warming trend has caused our spring flowers to suddenly arrive, so I quick grabbed a few shots before next weekend’s snow takes them away.

Last of the Season Hoar Frost

A couple weeks ago, an early morning call came in from a colleague instructing me to get in my car immediately and drive to Collins Park on Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Go now!” she insisted. Since calls like this aren’t commonplace for me, I decided to do as I was directed and was rewarded with the scenes below.

This is hoar frost. I love hoar frost. You see it a few times during a typical West Michigan winter; more during the years the arctic air settles in the region. Conditions have to be just right for it to form – extreme cold being one – and the closer we move toward spring, the less likely we are to see bitter temperatures in West Michigan. It had been a cold and foggy night, but nothing typical of the conditions where you would expect hoar frost. And yet, there it was. Coating everything in sight and sparkling in the sun. I’m so glad I followed my colleague’s instructions and took a few minutes out of my morning to enjoy what was my first – and likely last – hoar frost of the season.

February Flowers

The silver lining to a mild Michigan winter is the appearance of snowdrops. A few days above freezing and these beauties will interrupt the dull winter woods with a hint of spring.

Best of 2015

‘Tis the season for “best of” lists, posts and look backs, so here’s one more! Below are my favorites from my 2015 archives. It’s been a year of big changes in our family, and the amount of posts that did (and didn’t!) make it up on the blog tells me how much things have shifted. The images below were chosen for their quality, but as tends to happen, they also represent several highlights of 2015: A spring trip out West, birding at Tawas Point, fall apple picking and our many trips to Meijer Gardens.

Lingering Color

Summer is gone and fall is winding down, but a few colors still remain.

First Frost

Can’t resist capturing the first frost of the season.

Finding Fall

On the to-do list every fall: A trip to Meijer Gardens on a sunny day.

Wild Michigan Butterflies

Warm summer days bring beautiful butterflies. Below are a cabbage white and monarch butterfly.

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