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Fuzzy Duckling Season

‘Tis the season for fuzzy ducklings!

These mallard ducks were hanging out on the Rogue River in Rockford, Michigan.

Goldeneye on the Rogue

We’re a winter habitat area for common goldeneye, so they’ll be heading north soon. These ducks are so skittish, but I love sneaking up on them and watching them run across the water to take flight.

Rogue River at Rockford, Michigan.

Diving Merganser

A female common merganser diving in the Rogue River in search of crayfish. She didn’t seem to mind the icy water at all.

Rockford, Michigan.


Golden Eye Ducks on the Rogue River.

Rockford, Michigan.

A great blue heron fishing in the Rogue River near Rockford, Michigan. It’s amazing how different (and funny) he looks facing directly at the camera vs his profile shot.

A cedar waxwing on the banks of the Rogue River near Rockford, Michigan. I love these birds. They have gorgeous coloring and are so striking.

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