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How to: Make Pitcher Drinks

Love entertaining, but don’t want to spend your time bartending? That’s where Pitcher Drinks come in. Make one for the adults, and another for the kids! 


1 can frozen condensed juice*, thawed
Vodka (for cocktails)
Triple sec (for cocktails)
Lemon lime soda (for mocktails)

To start, empty the can of condensed juice into a large pitcher

For cocktails:

Using the juice can to measure, add 1 can of vodka, ½ can of triple sec, and 1 ½ cans of water to the pitcher.


Enjoy your pitcher cocktails! 

For mocktails:

Using the juice can to measure, add 1 can of lemon lime soda, and 2 cans of water to the pitcher.


Enjoy your pitcher drinks! 

*Berry or cranberry juice blends work best for afternoon cocktails. Try an orange blend for a fun brunch cocktail. 

Pitcher Drinks

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Late Summer Sunflowers

Is there a more quintessential mark to the end of summer than sunflowers? They’re the perfect flower to celebrate the transition from hot summer days to the cool and crisp of fall. A field full of sunflowers is a field full of happiness and almost impossible to resist – something The Girls at Ed Dunneback & Girls knows very well.

They opened up their sunflower field to visitors, cutting paths through the flowers and setting up spaces throughout the field, inviting you to pause and enjoy your time amongst the flowers. A couple weeks ago, a dear friend and I took a few hours to grab lunch at the Dunneback Farm (try their pulled pork tacos!) and stroll through the sunflowers. It was beautiful, and magical and something you should experience. Mark your calendar for the upcoming sunflower season in August 2020.

Waterlily Variety

Always lots of beautiful waterlilies to be found this time of year.

Wild Michigan Butterflies

Warm summer days bring beautiful butterflies. Below are a cabbage white and monarch butterfly.

Waterlily Reflections

Waterlilies on the campus of Aquinas College

Summertime Backyard Visitors

One of the best pieces of photography advice I’ve been given is “there’s always something to take a picture of.” In other words, don’t sit around waiting for a photo-worthy moment, grab your camera and create those moments. With that in mind, I took a tour around the yard recently to see what I could find. It didn’t take me long to spy these friends – just waiting for their close-ups.

Opening of the Japanese Garden at Meijer Gardens

After trying to peek past the fencing surrounding the construction of the Japanese Garden on numerous trips to Meijer Gardens, the new space opened to members last Thursday before the public unveiling on Saturday. Besides lots of beautiful trees and plants, there are numerous paths, waterfalls and sculptures surrounding large ponds. It’s a big, beautiful and tranquil space I can’t wait to spend more time in. And with all that water, I’m really curious to see what Michigan waterfoul finds its way to the ponds.

A Little Upgrade to the Herb Garden

Last summer, after a little Pinterest inspiration, my herb garden underwent a makeover. I was excited to discover this spring that all but two herbs and the tomato plant survived the Michigan winter. After planting replacement rosemary, cilantro and tomato plants, I decided the plants needed prettier labels and found these stainless steel labels on Amazon. They make a nice addition, don’t you think?

The Last Night

White pelican flyover on our last night of vacation. Good night moon and good-bye Black Duck Lake.

Beautiful Bald Eagles

One last bald eagle post. It was so great to spend multiple days photographing these gorgeous birds.

Black Duck Lake, Minnesota.

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