How to Build a  DIY Mimosa Bar 

Hosting weekend brunch or bridal shower? Getting ready for Easter or Mother's Day brunches? Set up a DIY mimosa bar for your guests! It's super easy and super fun! 

Traditionally made with orange juice, there are lots of other juices that can be paired with champagne or prosecco. Set out 3-5 options for your guests. (Don't forget to label the juices!) 

Set out a variety of glassware for your guests to use. Different styles of glasses will make your mimosa bar feel a bit more casual. 

Bubbly is a must! Choose from champagne, prosecco, or brut sparkling wine, just make sure whatever you choose is dry (not too sweet)! 

And don't forget to always set out club soda or sparkling juice for those wanting a bubbly drink without the alcohol. 

You can also set out a few liquors and sweet spirits for guests to add. Gin, vodka, orange liqueur, and elderflower liqueur are delicious options. 

Don't forget the garnish! Small pieces that can easily fit into the glasses are best. Set out cocktail picks along with the fruit so guests can build their own. 

To finish off your mimosa bar, provide your guests with a suggestion of combinations so they have ideas to get them started.  Swipe up to get my free Canva mimosa bar menu template.