DIY Holiday Cocktail and Mocktail Bar

Creating a cocktail and mocktail bar for your guests is a delicious way for them to craft the exact drink they want while you enjoy hosting and not bartending.

What you need - Start with...  - Variety of glassware - Jiggers/shot glasses - Straws and/or stir sticks - Cocktail napkins - Lots of ice!

Drink Syrups, such as: – Brown sugar syrup – Honey syrup – Berry Syrup  – Apple Cider Syrup – Cranberry Orange Syrup

Mixer Options - Club soda/sparkling water - Tonic waters, plain and/or flavored - Ginger beer or ginger ale - Lemon lime soda - Various citrus juices

Liquors - Vodka - Gin - Bourbon or whiskey - Brut champagne or prosecco - White rum or silver tequila

Don't forget lots of citrus slices and fresh herbs!  You can also set out various fresh berries. 

Last, but not least, give your guests some direction on drinks and provide a few suggested combinations. Swipe up for recipes and a menu template!