Easy Stovetop BBQ Meatballs

What you need:  – BBQ sauce – Real maple syrup – An orange – Frozen meatballs

Place the BBQ sauce and maple syrup in a large pot. Juice the orange and add the fresh orange juice to the pot. Whisk everything together until combined.

Add 12-18 frozen meatballs to the pot and gently stir to coat with the BBQ mixture.

Place the pot over medium-low heat, cover, and allow the meatballs to thaw as the sauce heats up. About 10-15 minutes.

Serve warm or at room temperature with your favorite side dishes or party snacks.

Make Homemade Frozen Meatballs - This large batch meatball recipe is perfect for making ahead and freezing so you’ll always have meatballs on hand for dinner or guests.