Easy Mocktails with Club Soda

Follow this formula to create easy and delicious non alcoholic drinks:  Fresh fruit +Fresh herbs + Simple syrup + Club soda

Place fruit, herbs, and syrup in a glass. Gently muddle to combine everything together. Add ice to fill the glass, then pour in club soda. Stir, sip and enjoy! TAP FOR DRINK IDEAS! --> 

Blackberry Mint  Fresh lime, mint leaves, blackberry syrup, club soda

Strawberry Basil Fresh strawberries, fresh basil, strawberry syrup,  club soda

Peach Brown Sugar Fresh peach, mint leaves, brown sugar syrup, club soda

Ginger Peach Fresh peach, fresh ginger, peach syrup, club soda

Cranberry Rosemary Fresh orange, fresh rosemary, cranberry syrup, club soda

Blueberry Basil Fresh lemon, fresh basil, blueberry syrup, club soda