Homemade Gifts: Cocktail Kits & Mocktail Kits 

Homemade cocktail kits or mocktail kits are fun to put together and a great way to customize your gift to the recipient. Find out their favorite drink, spirit, or flavor and build from there! 

Theme your cocktail gift box around a favorite drink. The one shown here is for my Apple French 75 cocktails, including a bottle of homemade infused apple cinnamon gin. (All the recipes are on my website!)

Cocktail ingredients to consider including:  – Homemade syrups – Small bottles of liquor(s) – Homemade infused liquor(s) – Bitters – Small cans of mixers – A jar of cocktail cherries

Bar tools to consider including:  – Cocktail shaker – Muddler and bar spoon – Jigger – Cocktail recipe book – Cocktail picks or stir sticks – Cocktail napkins

Make it a mocktail box by skipping the liquor! Delicious mixers, homemade simple syrups, fun napkins, a mocktail recipe book, bar tools - there are so many options for those who prefer zero-proof drinks. 

Remember to skip the alcohol and liquids if you're shipping your cocktail kit. Stick to metal bar tools, napkins, cocktail books, and drink accessories.  But if you're delivering it in person the sky's the limit! Just have fun!