Homemade Happy Hour – The Cocktail Book!

Homemade Happy Hour, is filled with 18 simple and delicious drink recipes, along with 5 cocktail syrup recipes, for you to make at home. There’s also a guide to building your own home bar and an ingredients checklist so you can easily shop for the recipes.

Homemade Happy Hour cocktail book, ebook edition

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Homemade happy hour is for anyone who finds cocktails intimidating.

Why cocktails? Because I have had so many people tell me “Cocktails are intimidating.” And I feel that. They used to intimidate me, too. But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

If you’re a cocktail pro, this book probably isn’t for you. 

We’re not going to use fancy or expensive liqueurs. 

We’re not going to make super elaborate garnishes. 

We are going to make delicious cocktails. 

We’ll use everyday ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store. 

We’ll make cocktail syrups using pantry staples and whatever fruits are in season. 

Coffee Old Fashioned

We’ll use herbs and citrus to build fresh mixers. 

We’ll go over what tools to have in your home bar and how to build your home bar with spirits you actually want to drink. 

You’ll make cocktails that come together easily, are super tasty, and look fancy. 

There’s even a master ingredient list so you can see at a glance what you’ll want to have on hand. 

Homemade Happy Hour cocktail ebook on iPhone and iPad.

Here’s my promise to you: 

  • Straightforward, easy-to-follow instructions. 
  • Liquors you’re familiar with. We’re using five main spirits: vodka, gin, white rum, silver tequila, and bourbon.
  • Ingredients you can find in your local grocery store. 
  • DIY cocktail syrups to elevate your drinks without breaking the bank.
  • Mocktail options whenever possible. 
  • Free updates to the book for life. Whenever I release an update to the book, you get that update too – for free. Always. 

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